Premier Surf Club
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Tamarindo, Costa Rica
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Premier Surf Club's All-Inclusive Costa Rican Surf Vacations

We specialize in catering to all Costa Rican travellers by creating custom Costa Rica vacation packages that are designed and crafted for each of our guests. While the surfers are surfing, our other guests are taking advantage of the best adventures and experiences that Costa Rica has to offer. At Premier Surf Club, all-inclusive luxury-boutique surf vacations include a unique array of the finest five-star oceanfront accommodations, private surf guides & lessons from world-class coaches, personal chefs, fabulous cuisine, speedboats, yachts, Jet-Skis, award winning spas, incredible yoga, unique adventures, and an un-canny attention to personal service and detail. These vacations grant access to exclusive beach clubs and their accompanying surf breaks, as well as access to private golf courses, equestrian centers, gyms and tennis courts. It’s a surf vacation that provides unforgettable experiences with great ease and comfort. It’s a trip that has adventures for everyone. Premier Surf Club provides a custom tailored vacation designed to exceed your expectations

Where Luxury Surf Vacations are Defined

Costa Rica's All Inclusive Luxury Surf-In Surf-Out Accommodations, are Limited to a total of 12 Guests.

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Premier Surf Club provides customized luxury-boutique surf vacations in Northwest Costa Rica with a focus on providing a small number of guests (12 maximum), with a special surf-adventure experience and a lifetime of great memories. For the beginners we teach them how to surf correctly and safely. For the experienced surfer we put them in the best surf and teach them how to improve their skills.

Only the Best

Only the best credentialed surf coaches, instructors, and lifeguards are employed by Premier Surf Club. Our head instructor is one of the most accredited surf instructors in Costa Rica. He is an NSSIA Certified Level two surf instructor, and he has advanced First Aid, CPR/AED for the professional Rescuer and resuscitation training. All staff surf coaches, and instructors, are certified or certification eleigible. Our surf instructors also have robust competitive surfing backgrounds and many years of training with and advising professional surfers.

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Unique Packages

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Premier Surf Club is unique because we include in all surf packages, open-access to our captained boats and Jet-Ski's. No other surf school  or surf adventure company does this . Our private boats and jet-ski's, deliver our guest, to the best waves in northwest Costa Rica (many secret), at the optimum tides. Without a boat you can only surf a tiny portion of the coast. There are many breaks that cannot be accessed by land. We utilize whatever type watercrafts are needed to get safely to the best surf spots, and stay at them in ultimate comfort. Typically we find that a boat is 10X faster than the overland routes between surf spots. With our boats you simply surf more, travel less and surf un-crowded waves. Our boats and electronics are state of the art for a safe and enjoyable ride.

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When the boats and Jet-Skis are not being used for surfing we are using them to take our surfing guest fishing, wakeboarding, skurfing, snorkeling, free diving, tubing, water-skiing, and more. The boats, Jet-Skis, and all of the added activities, truly make it a water-lovers dream vacation. This is a vacation where you can play on the water, all day, everyday. You will not be bored if the surf is small. We will always have exciting plans for a day on the water; there is no such thing as downtime with us. If you like an action-packed vacation, centered around water activities, we will keep you busy, and entertained, that's our gurantee

100% of our accommodations are oceanfront. When staying with Premier Surf, surfers can simply look out the window to check the waves, then grab their boards and run for quick surf whenever they choose. Our guests are within 50 yards of the high tide mark because ALL of our accommodations are beachfront. ALL accommodations are either ON a surf break or within a few minutes of one or more actual surf spots. We believe strongly in living on the ocean when your here to surf. Surf-in, Surf-out accommodations are the only way to go. We have the finest luxury beachfront villas, penthouse villas, and oceanfront homes available just outside Tamarindo Costa Rica


We gurantee that our guest will receive the highest level of proven surf coaching and instructions available. We gurantee that our guests will leave better surfers than when they arrived. We gurantee our guest the highest standards of luxury accomodations, services, and transportation.

Let us help design a surf vacation that meets your needs, goals, and desires, and by doing so we will deliver a surf trip that provides a lifetime of great memories for all.